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All of our ultra-cool, media-hip DOTCOM names are BRAND NEW and have never been used or registered by any previous owners. All of these VIRGIN domain names were created specially by Domainateria in the years between 2000 and 2010 and registered by us to stock the first ONLINE Domainateria domain name boutique.

We have many hundreds of unique CATEGORIZED domain names--all exclusively top level “dotcoms”--NO .nets, .orgs or other suffixes. We ONLY offer the top web real estate. With an inventory valued in the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS these super-stylish dotcom names are cool, modern, amusing and MEMORABLE.

There are names for new businesses and products in the fields of music, fashion and film; new media, science and emerging technologies; publishing, medicine and the law; retail shopping and stores; automotive, architecture and security; travel, food and drink; sports, health and fitness; business, financial and service industries; toys, games and youth culture; PLUS many easily BRANDABLE and generic domain names.

As well as English names, Domainateria also offers some exclusive FRENCH NAMES too. (Trés cool!)

We also offer a specialized CUSTOM NAMING service--to find out more, click on the CUSTOM SERVICES button.

All of our dotcom domain names are priced according to their market value (often much lower!) and desirability. And Domainateria offers ABSOLUTE SECURITY and FULL CONFIDENTIALITY for every transaction.

To access Domainateria's ENTIRE collection of super-cool domain names (listed alphabetically) click on the DOMAINS FOR SALE button. Or, for a more specific search, choose from the MENU OF CATEGORIES beside each list.

For the SECURITY of our clients, Domainateria uses the established and secure TRANSACTION SERVICES of our designated registrar DOMAINDISCOVER--where we register all of our domain names. (Please note that Domainateria is not owned by DomainDiscover, or vice versa). DomainDiscover provides an excellent, totally SECURE transaction and contract exchange environment for BOTH buyer and seller. (Domainateria will conduct and oversee the entire transaction process for the buyer).

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To make an offer on a DOMAINATERIA original DOMAIN NAME simply e-mail us at:, stating the domain name(s) that you are interested in. All e-mail correspondence is handled personally by our staff (there is NO impersonal automated system at Domainateria) and remains, of course, totally confidential.

Domainateria accepts payment by PayPal, personal or company check, U.S. postal money order, or electronic bank to bank transfer of funds. All payments must be in U.S. currency. Personal or company checks will be subject to a 14 day hold before actualising the legal transfer of domain name ownership. All expenses of transfer of ownership will be borne by Domainateria. There are NO further costs to the buyer beyond the actual purchase price of the domain name.

The actual transfer of domain name ownership (once contractual documentation is complete) will take less than 72 hours (weekends and holidays excepted).

To make your offer, or, if you have any QUESTIONS, please contact us.

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