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Many of our top-level domain names were created by us over 20 years ago---hence they have already been receiving natural web traffic (visitors) for over two decades! This longevity gives these early-registered names great extra value as traffic-drivers.

These long-established domain names are well entrenched within the world’s many search engines (including Google) and thus have a value far beyond the basic market value of the domain name itself.

Any dot-com domain name registered around 2000, 2001, 2002, or before, is considered a highly valuable marketing asset due to its long-term presence on the web and resulting ability to generate visitor clicks that grows ever greater over the years.

Although our domain names have never, ever, been used before for any purpose (they remain “on ice” as it were as pure, untainted virgin names for sale) they do, nevertheless, have a high-profile on the web as click gatherers and are highly-valued for their longevity—without any prior or undesirable connotations.

All of our names are receiving web traffic 24/7, even while they are in standby-mode with us, awaiting their new owners to put them to work on the World Wide Web.

This goodwill web traffic can be put to excellent use if one of our domain names relates in any way to your own web site, company or product. By purchasing it and using it purely as a “pointer” you can direct even more web traffic to your site. The more additional domain names directing people to your existing site, the more clicks your existing site receives—making your web site far more attractive to advertisers worldwide.

If you are considering purchasing one of our virgin domain names as your first (or only) web presence, the longevity of many of our older names on the Internet can greatly “kick start” your ability to be found by search engines on the web worldwide—for FREE—and boost your click-through numbers and unique web site visitors.

Even our newer names are building traffic for themselves as the months and years of their existence accrue. In fact, the majority of our extensive and highly-creative top-level domains were created and registered by us between ten and twenty-plus years ago, so they already have a very good web-presence and natural search engine optimization—with none of the risks associated with a pre-owned or pre-used name. Our domain names are ALL virgin, unused and ready to brand.

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