our super-cool custom naming service >>>

If you like the style of the DOMAINATERIA catalog of names but feel that none of them is quite right for your business or product, let us CREATE a CUSTOM NAME for you. We will analyze your business or product(s) and devise a very cool, catchy, ORIGINAL name that can be used both as a dotcom address for the virtual world of the INTERNET and, if you wish, for the REAL WORLD we all know and love.

Deep in the Domainateria NAME LAB, our highly-skilled team (of technologically correct humans AND cyborgs) will work 20 hour days (especially the cyborgs) to CREATE a vat of BRAND NEW and UNIQUE VIRGIN NAMES--directly from the percolating bacteria of the English language!

This vast gene pool of wriggling words will then be genetically refined into a test-tube size group for presentation to you, our esteemed client. (We will REGISTER each domain to Domainateria to secure them during this presentation period).

The domain name you choose from this group will then be SECURELY TRANSFERRED to you at NO extra charge. The runners-up will return to Domainateria to take their place in our ever-expanding LIBRARY of unique and stylish domain names.

Should no winning name emerge from this presentation we will, of course, RETURN to the NAME LAB and put those tireless cyborgs into warp-mode to create MORE NAMES for presentation--at NO further charge.

Sometimes an existing “bricks and mortar” company needs to RE-NAME itself for the “clicks and mortar” virtual world or, horror of horrors, its own name may have been already registered as a dotcom address by someone else--ALWAYS, today, a brand new company or product MUST HAVE its OWN TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAME.

To discuss affordable CUSTOM NAMING for your company or product, please contact us.

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